The Marshall County Commissioners meet this morning at 8:30 in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

The agenda for the meeting includes Highway Superintendent Jason Peters,  an update from Jerry Huss head of Weights and Measures, and Baker Tilly Consultant Heidi Amspaugh with a Financial Analysis Contract for the Jail Bond refinancing discussion. 

Hyperwave consultant Dan Sammartano will review the VOIP Telephone Contract Renewal and Shannon McLeod from Priority Projects will attend the Commissioner’s meeting to discuss the Marshall County Owner-Occupied Rehab Project.   

Also on the agenda is EMA Director Clyde Avery with the All-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update grant request and Community Corrections director Ward Byers with a Community Corrections grant request. The commissioners will also hear from Jim Bendy from the Probation Department on an IOCS Pretrial grant request, Jamie Beckwith with Dustin’s Place will request the use of county roads for the Join the Journey 5K and Family Fun Run while Sheriff Hassel will present a request for Out of State Travel.

The meeting wraps up with the Attorney’s Report, Auditor’s Report, Commissioner Items including Resolution 2022-08: a Joint Resolution with the Commissioners and Council on a recommended use of ARP Funds. 

The meeting is open to the public and questions and comments are welcome.