Last week Marianne Peters Executive Director of the Marshall County Solid Waste Management District appeared on WTCA’s What’s Your Opinion Show to announce the new Community Clean Up Trailer. This trailer can be used by schools, churches, organizations, clubs, and even neighborhoods interested in cleaning up the area.

In exchange for the use of the fully equipped clean-up trailer, the leader will fill out a short questionnaire explaining the amount and type of trash materials collected. There is even an opportunity to recycle by separating the plastic drink bottles from the trash.

Recycling is a big thing in Marshall County and can grow bigger each year. This past year the Recycle Depot at 1900 Walter Glaub Drive in Plymouth collected a total of 358 tons of waste that was kept out of the landfills. Those 358 total tons included 183 tons of fiber which are paper and cardboard along with 1 ton of plastic stretch wrap. The commingled plastics numbered 1, 2, and 5 are collected along with aluminum and steel cans totaling 30 tons. Glass is a new recycled item and the Depot collected 8 tons in 2021 and 45 tons of metals that are iron and steel.
Universal waste which is batteries and light bulbs were another 19 tons of recycling along with another new recycled material, paint and they collected 6 tons of paint along with 3 tons of oil and 63 tons of electronics.

For more information on recycling in Marshall County check out their website or call the office at 574-935-8618.