Members of the Marshall County Unsafe Building Board met on March 24th in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building. 

Steve Howard, the county’s Building Inspector presented an update on the Howard Schillaci property at 15910 Oliver Trail in Plymouth.  He said the home has been abandoned for years and there is farm equipment, vehicles, and debris everywhere around the property. Howard said this is a property that needs to be demolished. 

Mr. Schillaci was in the County Building Inspector’s office on February 24th and said people were getting into his property and stealing items while he has been taking the things he wants to save out of the house.  During that conversation, Mr. Howard explained to Mr. Schillaci that he has been by the property several times, and nothing is being done to make improvements. 

The County’s Unsafe Building Board approved a 60-day order to appear before the board with proof of clean up or they will issue a demolition order for the Olive Trail property.

The board unanimously approved the 60-day order.  Members attending the meeting were Jim Masterson from the County Council, Kathy Schwenk from the Bowen Center, Trend Weldy from Bremen, Bill Cleavenger from Culver, and Keith Hammonds from Plymouth.