Monday evening during the Common Council meeting, Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi presented the ordinance to change the pay structure for volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMTs, and Paramedics.  The new ordinance increases the call-out pay from $15 to $20 and if a firefighter is working a fire situation for 4 hours or more their pay will be $40.  Firefighters will be issued a credit for each hour and that will be used to determine their pay.

The Common Council unanimously approved the ordinance amendment on the second and third readings.    

The city attorney also presented the ordinance which increases the stipend for the paramedic certification from $2,500 to $5,000 annually.  This ordinance amendment was also approved by the full city council on the second and third readings. 

Surrisi also presented the Compliance Form for the tax abatement for River Gate South LLC.  The city council also approved the CF1.