BREMEN — The Lions came out victorious on the rainy home opener 4-3 in 6 innings.
Evan Lopez had 13 strikeouts, allowing just two walks and one earned run.
Bremen jumped crossed the plate first after A.J. Ton was hit by a pitch and eventually stole third forcing an errant throw and the first run of the game.
North Miami scored two in the top of the 4th after a lead-off walk, catcher interference, and eventually a 2 run single.
Trailing 3-1, the Lions came roaring back with a 2 run 5th inning capped off with a 2 RBI double by A.J. ton.
In the bottom of the 6th Baylor Orcutt hit a ball deep into the gap which was followed by 2 errors and Baylor crossing the plate as the game-winning run. The game was called due to darkness and rain in the 6th.
Bremen is off for spring break and returns on April 15 on the road at Tippy Valley as part of a JV/Varsity Double Header.