The Culver Planning Commission has scheduled a Public Hearing on April 19th to consider an application to rezone to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) from the current zoning of C-2 Commercial the four parcels located at 415 East Lakeshore, to convert the property from a C-2 to a PUD.

The public hearing will be held in the Culver High School Auditorium, 701 School Street, Culver.  The Culver Planning Commission will receive comments from the public on the proposed zoning change. For information on how to view the plans for the property, please contact Ginny Munroe, Town Manager, at 574.842.3140 or email her at   You can view the plans for the proposed PUD in the Culver Town Hall, located at 200 East Washington Street.

A copy of this notice has been sent to the applicant and the owners of the properties affected by the petitioner.

The petitioner and interested parties will be allowed to participate online, provide comments via email, or call into the meeting. This meeting will allow for electronic participation via Microsoft Teams. A link and call-in number will be available before the meeting and included in the final agenda. For information on how to view or call into the meeting, please contact Karen Heim, Clerk-Treasurer, at 574.842.3140.