Monday evening members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety heard the request of Police Chief Dave Bacon to expand the take-home car policy. 

The Chief said, “Currently the administration, detectives, K9, sergeants, and corporals living within the Plymouth school district qualify for a take-home car.  I’d like to expand that to all officers living within Marshall County.”  He said at this time he is only asking for to-and-from work use of the vehicle.  Chief Bacon said they will reevaluate use down the road after he sees how it impacts the Police Department’s fuel budget. 

Currently, 9 members of the Plymouth Police Department have take-home vehicles.  There are a total of 24 members and three live outside of Marshall County and would not qualify.  Chief Bacon said, “There would be an additional 12 officers with take-home cars as they become available.” 

There was no discussion by the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety and the Police Chief’s request was unanimously approved.