Marshall County continues to work with the insurance company on an accident that happened last September and hasn’t been settled yet. 

Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the commissioners last Monday that he is working with the department’s insurance company and the driver’s insurance company to repair or replace the 1997 distributor that was struck by a vehicle. 

Southeastern, a company that sells parts and used equipment said the older distributor was valued at $43,000 and the repair was estimated to be $16,000. 

Mike Miley, the county’s insurance consultant said the county insurance carrier Bliss McKnight can’t get involved until an offer is presented to the county. 

Peters said initially the driver’s insurance company wanted to split the equipment as a chassis and the tanker.  Peters said it was purchased as a single unit and wants the insurance company to cover the distributor as a single unit.  He said getting replacement parts is difficult because of the age and not all replacement parts will fit with their vehicle. 

Highway Superintendent Peters was instructed to communicate his concerns with the insurance carrier for the driver and can work with the County Attorney if he is not satisfied with the results.