Doug Masterson, head of the County’s Building and Grounds Department appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday with a proposal.  The plan is to take care of a storage issue for the Prosecutor’s Office.

Masterson said when he was having the maintenance building sided, he had the company check out the 46’ by 64’ building at the old EMA site on King Road which is about the size they would need.  The new building would have a concrete floor and a loft for a second story.  The basic building would cost $135,000.  The building would need to be climate controlled, and that unit would be $20,000 to $25,000 and the electric would be an additional $15,000.  Masterson said, “All totaled, roughly I’d say $180,000 or $175,000 you could have a storage building and save $3,000 a year in rental costs.” 

Commissioner Stan Klotz said he talked with someone in the prosecutor’s office 6 to 8 months ago and was told they estimate needing 3 additional storage units every 10 years.   He said in 30 years the cost would have totaled $230,000 to keep up with the demand. 

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman how many rental storage units he currently has.  Chipman said 3 at about $1,000 each per year. 

Masterson said if security is an issue there is property at the jail that could be used.  Chipman said he wasn’t too worried about security.  He said there really is nothing of value and it would be of no interest to anyone except those whose names are on the papers.  The prosecutor said they are required to retain some records forever. 

There was a question about the storage area in the County Morgue.  Currently that space is about half full.  Masterson said, “If we move his files right now, we would fill it up.”

There was the question of file storage county wide and it was determined that the other offices have schedules of when files can be destroyed so they don’t have the same issue as the prosecutor.  It was also suggested moving the Mobile Medical Unit into part of the proposed storage unit and opening up space at the old EMA site allowing the County Highway Dept. to use it for storage. 

Commissioner Overmyer said, “The question is do you want to spend $180,000 or just keep paying $3,000 a year which is pretty minimal.”  He went on to say that the prosecutor is paying the $3,000 using deferral funds. 

The two commissioners decided to continue the discussion at a later meeting with all three of them in attendance.