Sheriff Matt Hassel requested out-of-state-travel for two employees to attend training on the Sheriff’s Department’s new Central Square software. 

The training is in Orlando Florida March 27th through the 30th.  Deputy Jordan Rans and Matt Pitney the Communications Supervisor would be the two county employees to attend the training. 

Commissioner Overmyer asked if they had hotel rooms because they have been in high demand.  He also asked if the employees would be flying down and the sheriff confirmed that they are flying. 

Commissioner Stan Klotz started to make the motion and then asked if the Sheriff had funds to cover the training trip.  The sheriff said he had funds for the trip.  Klotz then motioned to allow the two employees to attend the training seminar in Orlando. 

Sheriff Hassel said Nick Laffoon was at the commissioner’s meeting last month and talked about raising the rates for providing electronic records typically to lawyers for court cases.  He then presented the commissioners with a copy of the Pulaski County ordinance that was approved in 2019.  He also said state statute allows them to charge up to $150.  While Pulaski County charges a flat $150 fee, Sheriff Hassel proposed $25 per hour up to $150 maximum. 

Currently the county’s ordinance allows the Sheriff’s Department to charge a flat fee of $15.  Sheriff Hassel said sometimes depending on how complex the case is, it could take several hours of getting the electronic records prepared.  He asked the commissioner to consider amending the current ordinance with the new information.