The Marshall County Commissioners approved several “road cuts” or borings in the county’s right-of-way during their meeting on Monday.

Highway Superintendent Jason Peters presented requests from Surf Broadband to place conduit and fiber in the county’s right-of-way for phase 3 of the Center Township plan which includes West Lincolnway and Pioneer Drive to Jefferson Street and phase 9 on Michigan Road from Hillside to Oakhill and phase 13 on Lincolnway East from Candy Lane to Sunnyside Drive for McQueen’s Addition and then on to King Road.  Also in Center Township is phase 6 which include North Michigan Road, 7B Road and 6C to the Plymouth Airport.  Surf Broadband is also going to be installing fiber in Center and West Townships in phase 12 which includes State Road 17 to Pine. 

Before Peters left the commissioners meeting, he also discussed an additional appropriation request to replace a piece of equipment.  Peters said, “Last fall at the end of the year we had our 97 distributor get hit by a vehicle and we have been waiting on the insurance to give us an update as to fixing it or are they going to total it.  Hopefully we find something out pretty quick on that.”   He plans to ask the County Council for an additional in case they total the distributor so he can purchase a new one for the quickly up-coming season.  He told the commissioners if they do decide to have it fixed, he would just reappropriate the money back.   Peters said he has $41,800 in his equipment fund.  He would look to spend no more than $110,000 for a good used distributor so he would seek an additional of $68,200.