“Indiana taxpayers can look forward to seeing some of their hard-earned money returned to them thanks to Indiana’s automatic taxpayer refund,” said Senator Stacey Donato.

Indiana law provides for an automatic taxpayer refund when state reserves hit high levels. When Indiana closed out fiscal year 2021, the state’s automatic taxpayer refund was triggered, which will send $545 million back to hardworking Hoosiers and $545 million to teacher pension obligations.

Senate Enrolled Act 1, which has now passed both the Senate and House of Representatives, will make adjustments to the current statute so approximately 900,000 additional Hoosiers are eligible for the state’s automatic taxpayer refund.

Senator Donato said, “Most eligible individuals will receive roughly $125 per person in the form of a credit after filing their 2022 state income taxes.”

The senator continued, “This automatic refund is made possible thanks to more than a decade of conservative fiscal leadership at the Statehouse, and as your state senator, I will always prioritize exercising fiscal discipline when considering legislation.”  

To view this bill and others moving through the General Assembly, click here