This week Marshall County Drainage Board President Kevin Overmyer told drainage board members he spoke with County Surveyor Craig Cultice about the proposed regional sewer district and public hearing. 

They created a letter of support for the proposed project.  Overmyer said, “It says the Drainage Board knows we have some issues around some of the waterways in this county and this might be part of an answer to clean some of these in some certain areas of the ditches and lake areas.”

The letter was fully supported by the County Drainage Board and will be part of the record the from Monday’s public hearing that will be given to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) with their petition to create the Marshall County Regional Sewer District.       

The letter states, “The Marshall County Drainage Board has jurisdiction over 700 miles of regulated drains in the county.  A regulated drain can be a tile, man-made ditch, a natural stream or river. Unfortunately, there are on-site septic systems, many which are undocumented with poor soil conditions that exist throughout the county.  These on-site systems, many of which pre-date local records may be in failure without the knowledge of the property owner.  These systems continue to function because in some cases flow freely into a county drain which ultimately will discharge into one of the two rivers that flow through Marshall County.” 

The letter goes on to say, “The Marshall County Drainage Board believes the development and establishment of a Regional Sewer District is a necessary first step in the improvement of water quality in the county.” 

The letter ends with the following statement, “Please consider this letter of support for the formation of the Marshall County Regionals Sewer District.”