Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters discussed two bridge projects with the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday.  Peters said bridge #1 on Ule Trail is a locally funded replacement project that wasn’t put in the 2022 budget.  He said this project will take a few years but they need to address it because the structure has been on the National Bridge Inventory Rating System scheduled for replacement for some time. 

This bridge project will take four years from start to finish.  While nothing has been signed yet the Preliminary Engineering, Construction Inspection, and Right of Way acquisition are estimated to cost $234,400 and the estimate for construction is $1 million. 

The Elm Road Bridge #9 is a small structure that will be locally funded. While there was a line in the budget for it there was no money appropriated for it.

Peters said he has submitted a request for an additional appropriation for these two bridge projects.  He also is seeking an additional for his overtime line item and the mitigation for bridge #81 at 7th Road.