Marshall County Point in Time (PIT) Count 2022 was conducted on Wednesday January 26th.  Marshall County had three sites for homeless individuals and families to complete the survey: Bread of Life Community Food Pantry, Marshall County Neighborhood Center during regularly scheduled food pantry hours and at the Plymouth Goodwill.

Marshall County had only one individual counted as ‘homeless’ per the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) survey. The survey response says the individual is disabled and cannot work so they stay with family on occasion.

Marshall County’s Local Housing & Homeless Survey asks respondents to rate on scale of 1-5 (1 being ‘least secure’ and 5 being ‘most secure’) how secure their current housing situation is. Questions include how many times an individual has ever been homeless, the biggest barriers they face in staying securely housed, etc.

• 1 survey rated their homeless security at a 2.  The stay at Red Rock Inn; has moved “lots and lots” in the last few years.

• 2 surveys rated their security level at a 3.  One individual is not able to work because of ill health and trying to get Social Security disability benefits. One said “I’m staying at a friend’s place. I don’t know what I’d do if he couldn’t help me.”

• 2 surveys ranked their homeless security at a 4.  An elderly man goes to his children’s homes when he cannot afford his rent.  Another individual said “I often wonder where to stay the night but always figure it out.”

• There were 10 surveys that ranked their homeless security at a 5 feeling most secure.  Many of these families and individuals live in the motels on the northside of Plymouth.  Others live with parents and extended family members.  Most rely on churches or food/clothing pantries to get by.  One respondent said “I want community leaders to support affordable apartment options – not by the river or park.”

The offer anonymity the survey responses and quotes had all identifying language removed.

NOTE: January 26 was the coldest date of the 2021-22 winter season thus far, likely driving PIT COUNT attendance down, especially for the population being surveyed.

The Community Foundation offer their sincere thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers for making the PIT Count possible this year.