Governor Eric J. Holcomb today announced he signed executive orders granting medical clemency for the first time while in office.

Today I granted medical clemency to three offenders who are bed ridden and diagnosed with terminal health conditions. The three men will be released to the supervision of the Parole Board and will serve the remainder of their lives at a skilled nursing home under the state’s care. In all three cases the offenders require 24-hour a day care as they are unable to care for themselves.

I granted the medical clemencies after a great deal of research and consideration. These men are no longer a threat to society, and it’s been determined they are better cared for at a skilled nursing home. The Indiana Parole Board unanimously recommended a medical clemency for all three men,” said Gov. Holcomb.

The executive orders include information regarding the offenders.

Click here for Executive Order 22-03 regarding Charles Calhoun.

Click here for Executive Order 22-04 regarding Alphonzo Griffin

Click here for Executive Order 22-05 regarding Jerome Maclin.