Monday evening the Plymouth Common Council considered a resolution to amend the list of projects for Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) District 3, the US 30/Pine Road.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the City Council’s approval is the next step in the process to amend the project list in TIF #3.  The proposal is to add the $1.6 million solar field project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Oak Hill Avenue to the list of projects that can be funded through TIF Funds. 

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission approved amending the list of projects and sent the request on to the Plymouth Plan Commission for consideration.  The Plan Commission reviewed the project to make sure the project was in line with the goals of the city’s Comprehensive Plan and other planning documents. 

Surrisi said there are several places in the Comprehensive Plan that support sustainable policies and being competitive with infrastructure.  This project will help the city utilities minimize future rate increases on the horizon.  There are recent city policies that are supportive of solar energy initiatives including amendments to the zoning ordinances to permit and the city’s work to attain the SolSmart gold designation that nationally recognizes counties, cities and towns that are solar ready. 

The Plan Commission determined the solar project fits into the city’s Comprehensive Plan.  The City Council needed to affirm the Plan Commission’s determination that the solar plan fits in the city’s future.   

Councilman Jeff Houin asked about funding the $1.6 million project and the city attorney said preliminary discussions are to pay 1/3 of the cost by the city wastewater utility, 1/3 of the cost using the American Recovery Plan funds and 1/3 of the cost using TIF #3 funds.  Houin also asked about other projects in TIF #3 and Surrisi said some of the active ones are the manufacturing center, funding of the bond obligation for the Aquatic Center and Community Foundation project, a drainage infrastructure for Miller Drive and additional improvements to Pioneer Drive north of U.S. 30. 

Councilman Jeff Houin motioned to approve the resolution amending the project list for TIF # 3 and it was seconded by Don Ecker.  The City Council unanimously approved the request.