Marshall County Councilman Jesse Bohannon sent WTCA a response to County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer as he mentioned Bohannon by name during the Commissioner’s meeting.  Bohannon said, “He inaccurately relayed my arguments against the Co Ag Grant proposal during the December Council meeting.”

The councilman continued, “Nowhere in my reference to the Elkhart County vote did I state that Elkhart County rejected the same grant we were debating. What I was referencing was the CDC guidelines that I quoted, which apply to both grants.”

I am attaching a link to the Elkhart County meeting from September.  Bohannon said, “That meeting was attended by a multitude of concerned citizens – including their County Republican Chairman and a sitting State Senator. Nearly of the concerns they had are equally applicable to the grant being debated here in Marshall County.” 

Bohannon continued his comments saying, “The concerns of their council were similar to ours, and the advice of the County Attorney was identical to that of our County Attorney.” 

He closed out his response by saying, “During our GOP town-halls this fall, public frustration with government intervention in schools and the deaf ears of many public officials were the number-one concern I heard. I have received tremendous positive feedback from the public about our action and I do not intend to reverse my position.”