Last week the Plymouth City Council approved the 2022 Planning Services contract with Ralph Booker.  Booker will continue to assist the city Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.  While the contract presented was the same, the only change was a 3% increase bringing the cost for his services up to $17,139.96.  The Council also approved the 20222 Transportation Services agreement with Older Adult Services.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi also discussed the update to the ADA Transition Plan.   The plan addresses prioritization of needed improvements on existing city sidewalks and intersections to bring the city more into compliance with accessibility standards.  He said the staff at MACOG helped put the update together working with the street superintendent and city engineer. 

It was published in November in the newspaper and the city did receive one written comment.  Surrisi said they were not under any deadline to get the updates adopted so his recommendation was to allow council members to “digest” the comments received and take action at a future meeting.  The City Council approved the recommendation and tabled action on the ADA Transition Plan Update.