While the Plymouth Street Department was supposed to be done picking up leaves, Superintendent Jim Marquardt said they will be traveling around the city for the next week or two sweeping up leaves although it is weather dependent.  There are still quite a few trees that haven’t lost their leaves and the recent weather has made it difficult for people to get out and rake their leaves. 

The City of Plymouth asks citizens to rake their leaves to the curb only.  Do not rake leaves into the street because they will block the storm sewers.  The leaf machine does not go down alleys or into manufactured housing parks.

The City of Plymouth does not offer leaf pick-up in the spring so now’s the time to rake them to the curb.  If you miss the fall pick up leaves can be bagged and put at the curb for pick-up in the fall and or spring.  Any loose yard waste not in a container will not be picked-up.