Monday afternoon members of the Plymouth Park Board were updated on the Greenway Trail bridge that was damaged in a storm October 11th.  Park superintendent Mike Hite said a tree fell on one of the bridges behind the sledding hill and damaged the structure. 

The Park Department started a claim with the insurance company.  They have a $5,000 deductible and while the one quote he received to fix the bridge was approximately $10,000.  Hite had the maintenance staff get a list of the proper materials needed to make the necessary repairs.  It was determined the staff could make the repairs themselves and save a lot of money.  Material costs were about $1,000.

The employees worked all day on Monday making the repairs and were nearly completed by the end of the day.  He said it would be completed Tuesday morning and the Greenway Trail would be open again. 

After a little more work the trail was open on Tuesday morning as anticipated.