Last week the Marshall County Commissioners approved the rezoning request of Don Abbott for 5 parcels on U.S. 6 in LaPaz.  Currently zoned A-1 agricultural, Abbott was granted approval to change to C-2 Highway Commercial. 

During the public hearing County Plan Director Ty Adley said the Town of LaPaz is supportive of the request and the Marshall County Plan Commission voted in favor of the zoning change with consideration for safe access to the property when future development happens. 

Jim Demis from Hamlet said he drives the area and with no merge lane off US 31 onto US 6 it’s a dangerous intersection.  He said getting access to the lots may be difficult with restrictions from INDOT on how close a driveway can be to the intersection. 

Don Abbott, the property owner who also lives on US 6 said he agreed that it is a dangerous intersection, and he has contacted INDOT asking for lighting but they said they wouldn’t consider it unless there were 7 accidents in a 2-year period.

Commissioner Stan Klotz reminded the commissioners that they are only considering the zoning change and not any future development at this time. 

A motion was made to approve the ordinance amending the zoning map passed on 1st reading with a 3 to 0 vote.