Lion Jim Weldy spoke of his experiences during 911 at the last meeting of the Plymouth Lions Club.

Weldy first joined the National Disaster Assistance Team in 1996.  That is a high quality rapid response medical care assistance team when public health and emergencies overwhelm a state. Jim got the call for deployment and was given 8 hours to get to Chicago’s O’Hare airport.  They were loaded in a C-130 plane.  Later on they would see they had Fighter Escorts but still no one knew what was going on until they got to New York

The destruction was indescribable as we have all seen over the years.  Weldy and his team held patient interviews with airlines family.  They all sifted thru the debris to find personal items to help with the identification process.  There were four hospitals at Ground Zero and he worked 12 hour days 7 days a week.  Weldy added this was an experience he will never forget.  He was there for two and one half weeks. In the end the Assistance Team helped identify 2000 names and placed them at Ground Zero.

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Blueberry Festival and our next fundraiser will be a Tenderloin Meal by Ralph Smith.  We will be located in the Centier bank parking lot located at the corner of OakRd and West Jefferson St in Plymouth.  Join us please if you have the opportunity.

Whether it is helping out in a time of crisis or helping your neighbor with a simple task, you are helping others have a better life.  As Lions, We Serve!