A strong storm brought winds, lightning, and heavy rain to Plymouth and other parts of Marshall County Wednesday afternoon. The storm dumped between one and two inches of rain across the county, with some parts of the Plymouth area receiving as much as three inches of rain. During the last 72 hours, portions of Marshall County have received nearly four inches of rainfall, causing significant flooding concerns.

The storm caused power outages in the area, with several customers still waiting for service to be restored as of the writing of this article. NIPSCO was reporting 112 customers without power in Plymouth, 48 in Bourbon, and 163 in Bremen. Indiana Michigan Power was reporting 42 in Plymouth with a handful of customers impacted by the storm in LaPaz.

The storm also knocked out the traffic signals at the corner of Baker and Michigan Streets in Plymouth. The signal at the corner of Oak and Pidco Drives was also affected, causing unexpected traffic congestion on two of Plymouth’s main roads.

Traffic was more impacted by water on the roadways than by the lack of signals. High water signs dotted the cityscape as crews worked diligently to clear drains and allow the water to flow into the storm sewers.

Some motorists were apparently surprised by the high water, leading to stranded and flooded vehicles. The storm made some streets and viaducts virtually impassable. Portions of Michigan, Jefferson, Washington, Garro, Third, Harrison, and Broadway Streets were heavily flooded.

A flood advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service.

High water along Harrison Street in Plymouth just east of the railroad tracks.
Flooding on Broadway Street in Plymouth near the intersection with Harrison.
Traffic signals were flashing red at the corner of Oak and Pidco Drives in Plymouth.
High water on Jefferson Street near the Pak-A-Sak gas station.
High water on Third Street under the viaduct caused problems for some motorists.
Flooding on Washington Street just west of the railroad tracks.
Flooding at the corner of Garro and Plum Streets next to the Marshall County Neighborhood Center.
Flooding on Garro Street just east of Fifth Street.
Flooding on Jefferson Street at the junction with Lincoln Highway.
Residential flooding at the corner of Jefferson and Kingston.
Flooding along Jefferson Street between Casey’s General Store and Lake City Bank.
Traffic signals out at the corner of Baker and Michigan Streets in Plymouth.
Flooding under the viaduct at the corner of Michigan Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.