With a 10th store opening later this year in Mishawaka, Bourbon Street Pizza announces their new test kitchen located at the Plymouth store at 582 North Oak Drive. Customers will still be able to order from the regular menu but will get a unique opportunity to order new items not yet offered at any other Bourbon Street locations.

Store manager Scott Read has been selected to lead the effort and has been working on developing many new items along with the staff.

“Scott has a real passion for creating new and exciting foods and Plymouth is the ideal market to test out these new items for the broader market,” stated owner Tim Harman. “So far, the oven-baked sandwiches have been a real hit in Plymouth and as we continue to improve the product and the process, we will later roll them out to other Bourbon Street locations,” said Harman.

Read, a Plymouth native and graduate, has been employed by Bourbon Street Pizza for the past 5 years and is excited to lead the project. “I think developing a diversified menu is important for the brand and gives consumers more choice. There are many pizza places to choose, especially in Plymouth, and I’d like to develop new items that will help Bourbon Street distinguish ourselves more. Every few weeks, we will be coming out with something new or different and I’d welcome any feedback or suggestions to help us along,” added Read. Customers are encouraged to comment via the Plymouth Facebook page or in person at the store. Bourbon Street Pizza is open 7 days a week and customers can order online at bourbonpizza.com or by calling the store at 574-936-2020.