Members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission were updated on the Aquatic Center and Manufacturing Center located in TIF District # 3 during their meeting earlier this month. 

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the refinancing of the bonds on the Aquatic Center are completed.  He continued saying, “We are progressing toward full transition to a new operator in the next month.”  Surrisi also noted that the center has seen good use the last several weeks with citizens and Autism Resources of Marshall County using the facility to host their summer camp. 

The Manufacturing Center at the corner of Pioneer and Jim Neu Drive continues to move toward completion.  Surrisi said the walls are up but the rains in June have caused a delay in construction.  The completion date has been moved to early September. 

The City Attorney said there’s been lots of interest with several leads.  He said, “They are moving toward finalizing a deal with a purchaser but still have other leads of manufacturers interested and looking at Plymouth.”  Surrisi told Redevelopment Commission members to look for an announcement in the near future.