One of the highest issues brought to the forefront in Bourbon’s Comprehensive Plan was having broadband internet.  Also rating high was walking and biking trails. 

During last week’s Bourbon Town Council meeting President Ward Byers told members Bourbon had the opportunity to obtain $888,000 from INDOT as part of the County’s Stellar designation to put trails in. 

The funds had originally been given to the Town of Bremen but their project fell-through and the Stellar Committee asked Bourbon to consider accepting those dollars.  The funds would put additional walk trails in the park and connect down to Center Street which would be considered part of the park trail and connect Westwood Park to the Sit Park downtown and to the Bourbon Park and would create a save routes to school with an upgrade to the sidewalks on Liberty Street to the school property.

Byers said the matching funds the town would have to provide to receive the grant would be $160,000 by fiscal year 2024.  Byers and Kim Burger the Clerk Treasurer have looked for some funding sources for the match.  One option could be the funds appropriated for major purchases in the park.  Over the course of the next four years, they could budget and put back the money to have it available for the grant in 2024. 

Byers said the ultimate goal is to connect all the trails in the county. 

Following a discussion with the Clerk and Town Council members they unanimously moved to approve sending a letter of financial commitment to INDOT for the trail funds in the amount of $888,000.