The Marshall County Commissioners awarded the Community Crossings paving projects and the additional paving projects to Milestone Construction, formerly Walsh & Kelly during their meeting Monday morning.  Milestone had the low bid for the Community Corrections projects that include: Sycamore Road from US 6 to 4B Road; 2C Road from East Shore to Plymouth Goshen Trail; West Shore from the Culver town limits to South Shore; South Shore from West Shore to Venetian Village Road; South Shore from Venetian Village Road to 20B Road; Muckshaw Road from 13th to 14 Roads and Michigan Road from the Argos town limits north to US 31.  Their bid was $1,451,443.84.

Milestone also had the low bid for the additional paving projects that the County Council approved funding for at their meeting on July 12th.  These projects include 14th Road from Muckshaw to US 31; 3rd Road from West Shore to 3A Road; Pretty Lake Trail from Quince Road to State Road 17; Quince Road from State Road 17 to Queen Road; Sage Road from West Shore to State Road 110 and East Shore from 3A Road to West Shore at Lake of the Woods.  Their low bid was $1,176,442.64.

The total bid approved by the County Commissioners for additional road work, yet this season was $2,627,886.48 with $1 million community from the Community Crossroads Grant.