The Indiana State Police will be joining forces this week with Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia State Police agencies, for what is known as the Six-State Trooper Project. During this collective effort, troopers across Indiana will be taking to the highways July 18th-24th with a primary focus on targeting drivers who are violating Indiana’s Move Over / Slow Down law.  

During this period, motorists can expect to see an increased presence of troopers on the roadsides conducting traffic stops. Drivers are encouraged to not drive distracted, to be increasingly aware of the need to move over or slow down as required by state law, and to give troopers room to work safely.

In 1999, Indiana was the first state in the nation to pass such a law requiring motorists to move to an adjacent traffic lane or reduce speed by 10 mph below the posted speed limit if unable to change lanes safely, when driving by a stationary police, fire, or ambulance stopped along the side of the road. 

Over the years since, Indiana’s law has expanded to include stationary recovery, utility service, solid waste haulers, road and street highway maintenance vehicles, as well as stationary survey or construction vehicles when displaying alternately flashing amber lights.

Bremen State Police Post District Commander Chad Larsh stated, “The move over law is designed to protect police, fire, ambulance, and other workers that are stopped and working on the side of the highway. Our hope is motorists choose to do, not only what is lawful, but what is courteous, and move over.”

 It is the goal of the Indiana State Police to provide safe roadways for everyone to travel. The Indiana State Police Bremen Post encourages, and hopes for, voluntary compliance with all traffic laws to ensure the safety of traveling motorists and safety professionals.  Help the Indiana State Police Bremen Post make a difference on our roadways! 

Motorists that observe reckless driving behavior, suspected impaired driving, or suspected criminal activity are always encouraged to call 911 to report such activity, or call directly to the Indiana State Police Region 6 Dispatch Center at 574-206-2931, when safe to do so.