The broken elevator at the Marshall County Museum will be fixed this year thanks to the support of the County Council.

Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer and Building and Grounds Superintendent Doug Masterson appeared before the County Council Monday to request funds to fix the elevator.  Commissioner Overmyer said, “Last week after our commissioners meeting, we met with department heads on budget items.  We have an issue up at the museum.  The elevator is not working currently.”   He said a part has been ordered to temporarily fix the issue but the controls need to be updated.

The quote for the fix was $109,875 from Otis Elevator Company and Masterson had put it in his 2021 budget but Commissioner Overmyer suggested getting the repairs completed yet this year, especially before the holiday season when so many families visit the museum to see the trains on the second floor. 

Masterson said if approval is given now, it won’t be until late fall before the parts will be ready.  Gary said 12 years ago Otis changed the ram in the elevator because it was leaking but they never updated the controls.  He continued, “They literally have to make a motherboard for it right now to get it going so we can make it assessable to those in need.” 

Masterson told the council if they can fund the repairs this year they can take the $110,000 out of his 2022 budget.  He also said he had enough money in this year’s budget to cover the quick fix.

Commissioner Overmyer said Doug can come back next month with the additional appropriation request but if they give their verbal support to the project, they can move the process along.

The County Council gave their full support to the project.