Argos Community Development Corporation (ACDC) announces a continued commitment to the growth of Argos with the unveiling of a redesigned website. Officially launched this week, the website ( highlights ACDC’s vision of housing development, economic growth, and Argos first. Additional key features of the website are a business directory and a page dedicated to town events available to the public.

“Argos is growing” states Jon VanderWeele, president of the ACDC. “With new families and businesses looking at Argos to call home, it is critical we have an easy to use, visually appealing, and current resource for them to use.”

The updated website includes a directory of businesses located in the 46501 zip code. Locally known as “BizInThe501”, the ACDC is asking businesses to reach out to them to be included in the directory.

Also found on the new website is a page dedicated to Elevate Argos, the group behind several quality-of-life events that take place in Argos.

VanderWeele adds “with the ability to work remotely, rural communities that offer a heightened quality of place are more desirable to families interested in moving away from big cities. That is something Argos is intentionally doing very well through town council, the ACDC, our parks department, and groups like Elevate Argos.”

“Although it is a recent buzz word, the concept “Zoom Town,” is something Argos is primed for” states Mark Van Der Weele, Argos Economic Development Director and Vice President of the ACDC. “While we are taking strategic steps towards increasing business, it takes time to come to fruition. In the meantime, we have high speed fiber internet throughout town, new housing is on the rise, and we are raising the quality of life in Argos, all facets successful Zoom Towns depict. We are excited our website will be able to highlight those features in Argos and market to families looking for what we have to offer.” 

ACDC notes the website will receive ongoing updates to reflect the growth and opportunities taking place in Argos. User feedback is welcome.

View ACDC’s new website at:

About the Argos Community Development Corporation

Argos Community Development Corporation works to improve, enhance, and promote the community of Argos, Indiana, by encouraging economic growth, develop affordable housing opportunities, and creating an appealing and desirable community to work and reside.