Thanks to more than a decade of fiscally conservative leadership, Indiana has been able to eliminate debt, cut taxes and invest in what Hoosiers need most.

State Senator Stacey Donato said is a recent release, “This is the product of our commitment to passing honestly balanced budgets, and we have set up our state for success yet again with the newest two-year budget passed this session.” The 2021-22 budget eliminates more than $1 billion in current taxpayer-funded state debt and pays for $1 billion in capital projects up front, avoiding future debt for taxpayers.

In a recent report published by Moody’s Investor Service, Indiana was shown to be a national leader in debt management, ranking sixth-lowest in the nation in terms of tax-supported debt per capita.

Senator Donato said, “Currently, only 1% of state revenues are needed to effectively pay our debt. Compare that to our neighbors Illinois and Kentucky, which are currently using more than 7% of citizens’ tax dollars to pay debt.”

She closed by saying, “As your state senator, I remain committed to cutting debt and investing in the needs of Hoosiers, and I look forward to seeing the benefits of conservative leadership for years to come.”