Ancilla Child trafficingMakes quite a headline, doesn’t it? You almost hope it is just a line from a movie. But it’s not. It is real life for many Indiana kids and adults. Even worse, that is not an all-inclusive number. Indiana does not have a central reporting system, so when a report from the National Human Trafficking Hotline says 157 people from Indiana were trafficking in 2019 alone, that is just one agency’s report. Ascent 121 reported another 117 treated, all minors, in the same year.

There are reported cases of trafficking in every one of Indiana’s 92 counties, and in most situations, the victim knew their trafficker. This is not happening “over there” or to “someone else.” It is here and we cannot ignore it.

Right now, human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal business in the world, generating more than $150 billion annually.

With such a situation taking place where we live surely, you are wondering, how we make it stop We can take the time to learn what to do, what to look for.

On May 20th we will host Ian Hurst from the Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program as he presents “Human Trafficking and Indiana Youth: Identification, Recognition, and Reporting.” This is an online event, free to anyone. To view Ian’s presentation, click the button below at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 20th.

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