County News # 1Monday morning the Marshall County Commissioners opened sealed bids for several pieces of County Highway equipment that they no longer have a need for.

There were nine different bidders but only four pieces of equipment were sold.  Bids for the remaining pieces were too low and the commissioners elected not to award a bid for them.  Instead, they will seek another alternative way to sell the equipment.  The equipment that did not sell included a John Deere 6405 mower with side mount mower, a TS 100 New Holland tractor with side mount mower,  an Econoline tandem trailer 12-ton backhoe pro, a 1995 Chevy 1500 pickup and three Dodge Dakota’s from 2002 to 2005.

After opening the bids, Highway Superintendent Jason Peters reviewed the bids and before the close of the commissioners meeting presented the results.

County HIghway John DeereOne of the John Deere 6405 mowers was sold to S & M Contractors for $10,000.  There was no bid for the second John Deere mower.

County HIghway New HollandThe New Holland T6020 brush chopping tractor had a high bid of $6,500 was awarded to Mike VanDerMark.

County HIghway Ford 350The blue F350 1984 2-wheel drive pick up went for $751 to William Marsh.  The 1996 brown Ford Ranger was sold for a sealed bid of $1,001 to William Marsh.

County HIghway Ford Ranger

Bidders who were awarded during the commissioners meeting will be notified by the County Highway Department.  They will then have 24 hours to pay for their equipment and remove it from the Highway garage on King Road.