Jack Jordan state RepRepresentative Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) said in a recent release, “From Plymouth to Rochester, and from Bremen to Culver, our communities large and small are ready for economic growth. That’s why the next two-year state budget dedicates $500 million to the Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI).”

Representative Jordan explained, “Through READI, communities will partner with the state to carry out regional development plans for attracting talent and jobs, retaining the current workforce and accelerating economic growth. The Indiana Economic Development Corp. will oversee the program, which will offer competitive grants to regional partnerships developing quality of place programs. Indiana’s $500 million investment in this initiative is expected to bring a tenfold return of $5 billion.”

Jordan closed his release saying, “We are seizing on every opportunity to propel Indiana forward. In addition to the READI program, the state budget I voted in favor of makes strong investments in infrastructure, K-12 education, small-business recovery and workforce development. This responsible and comprehensive funding approach will transform all corners of our state and ensure small, local communities are part of Indiana’s long-term success.”