communitycrossingsGovernor Eric J. Holcomb and Indiana Department of Transportation Commissioner Joe McGuinness Thursday announced 218 Indiana cities, towns, and counties received a combined $100.2 million in state matching funds for local road projects through Community Crossings, a component of the Governor’s Next Level Roads program.

The only governmental agency in the county awarded funds in this round was Marshall County.  The county was awarded the full amount of $1 million.  Highway Superintendent Jason Peters said they will use the funds for paving projects on higher traffic roads.

2021 Community Crossings_3A Lake of the WoodsThe list includes 3A off Lake of the Woods;

2021 Community Crossings_Sycamore Road Tyner

Sycamore Road from 4B in Tyner to U.S.6;

2021 Community Crossings_Muckshaw

Muckshaw Road between 13th and 14th Roads

2021 Community Crossings_Lake Max West Shore Drive in Culver to South Shore Drive; and

2021 Community Crossings_Michigan Road north of ArgosMichigan Road north of the Argos town limits to U.S. 31.  Peters also said they will bid these projects out and his employees will continue to pave and chip seal county roadways that aren’t as congested with traffic.

“Superior transportation infrastructure – from interstates to local roads and everything connecting in between – make our communities safer attractive places to do business and create jobs,” Governor Holcomb said. “Thriving communities, in turn, provide exceptional places for Hoosiers to call home and raise families. With that in mind, I’m so pleased to invest and partner with local leaders to deliver on high-priority projects that keep Indiana moving forward.”

The Community Crossings initiative has provided more than $931 million in state matching funds for local construction projects since 2016. Communities submitted applications for funding during a highly competitive call for projects held in January. Applications were evaluated based on need and current conditions and impacts to safety and economic development. Funding for Community Crossings comes from the state’s local road and bridge matching grant fund.

“Community Crossings is a major asset to Indiana cities, towns and counties as they build and modernize local roads and bridges,” INDOT Commissioner Joe McGuinness said. “The state’s funding partnership allows local partners to tackle larger scale project more quickly than would otherwise be possible, maximize their resources to complete more projects and achieve the best possible value for Hoosiers.”

To qualify for funding, local governments must provide local matching funds, 50 percent for larger communities or 25 percent for smaller communities, from a funding source approved for road and bridge construction. They must also submit an

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