Bill Hamm Culver Town Council 4-27-21Marshall County Republican Chairman, David Holmes conducted a caucus Tuesday evening to fill an upcoming vacancy on the Culver Town Council.

Culver Council President Ginny Monroe presided over her last meting Tuesday evening and will resign her position to accept the Culver Town Manager’s position beginning May 3rd.

Two candidates filed a Declaration of Candidacy to fill the vacancy: Kevin Van Horn and Bill Hamm.  Holmes let each candidate speak for about 3 minutes.   Then he and precinct committeemen Bill Cleavenger and Bill Githens adjourned themselves from the meeting to discuss and determine the winner.

Bill Hamm said he grew up in a small town in Illinois and spent 37 years in the corporate office of McDonalds.  He has had a connection to Culver since the 80’s with the lake and the academy.  Hamm said he is retired now and has the time to give back.  He mentioned he has helped with the Gift of Warmth, the triathlon and Culver Boys & Girls Club.  He said he is ready to jump in feet first and get started.

Mr. Hamm specifically said, “No new taxes.”  He also said he wants to help with growth, pinpointing industry, commercial business and quality of life in Culver.

Kevin Van Horn is a 2012 graduate of Culver Academies and a 2016 graduate of IU.  He’s 27 years old and feels he will be able to relate to younger professionals looking for settle down and start a family.  He is willing to help Culver grow and said his experiences working at the Academy and while at IU would help with social media and marketing.  Kevin said, “I want to be the local voice of Culver.”

After the discussion Bill Cleavenger said it was a tough decision and both are well qualified candidates.  He then announced that Bill Hamm had been selected to fill the vacancy on the Culver Town Council.  He will take his seat on council at their first meeting in May.