2021 Police Ford InterceptorMonday evening members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety opened quotes for two new patrol vehicles for the Police Department.

Plymouth Police Chief, Dave Bacon told the board he sent requests for quotes to three companies: Oliver Ford Lincoln, Rochester Ford and Auto Park Ford in Bremen.

The only quote received was from Oliver Ford. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a 2021 Ford Explorer Utility Interceptor is $39,905.  Steve Keiser from Oliver Ford submitted a quote for the City of Plymouth at $33,603 each.

The chief will be trading in a 2014 Ford Taurus and Oliver gave the city $4,000 for the trade in.  The final cost to the police department will be $63,206.

The chief said there is a delay in getting vehicles and the Board of Public Works and Safety approved his request to immediately move forward with the purchase.