County batwing mowerMarshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the County Commissioners last week that S & M Contractors LLC out of Goshen signed the mowing contract.

This year instead of the County Highway Department mowing the rights-of-way of the county roads, they have hired the work.  S & M will mow the entire county for times beginning in May.  The total cost will be $72,244.

Peters said S & M did ask for payment after mowing instead of waiting for the county process.  The Highway Superintendent asked to have S & M as a pre-pay saying that once their mowing is complete, they will submit an invoice for payment.  Peters will review their work and authorize the payment.  The Council approved the pre-payment request.

Peters also told the commissioners that S & M is interested in a five-year contract but just as the county, they want to see how this first year goes.

The Highway Superintendent told the commissioners he has submitted a couple of additional appropriation requests and transfers.  He is asking for an additional $30,000 for paint explaining that the painting was completed last year but the invoice didn’t come in until this year.  It has been paid but that took the painting budget for this year.  The next issue is the 7th Road mitigation.  Peters said the invoice came in about $31,000 over budget.  He explained that it is all very dependent on the invasive plants that they find and the number of planting that don’t survive and have to be replanted.

Peters plans to transfer the funds in professional services to roadside mowing to help cover the cost of S & M and $15,000 from seasonal help to defray the cost.