Culver Little Town on Lake MaxinkuckeeThe Town of Culver has received an update on the plans for the State Road 10 sidewalk construction. The project is one of the Stellar projects and will place sidewalks on the south side of State Road 10 beginning at Maple Ridge, east along State Road 10 and then south on the west side of Lakeshore Drive and connect with the existing sidewalk at First National Bank of Monterey. You can see plans on our website at Scroll down to State Road 10 sidewalks.

Beginning Monday, April 26, crews will being work on State Road 10 at Maple Ridge and work their way east toward Lake Shore Drive. Lake Shore Drive will be the last section on which crews will work.

Culver residents should be aware there will be lane and/or road closures at various times.   Clerk Treasurer Karen Heim will do her best to provide updates with regards to any traffic disruptions as frequently as we receive them from the contractor.

Access to businesses along the south side of State Road 10 and the west side of Lakeshore Drive will be maintained throughout the project.

Again, work is scheduled to begin Monday, April 26 with the hopes of completing it mid-July.

Once this project is complete, crews will return to work on West Jefferson Street/Gateway at which time, the Culver Town Clerk will try to provide updates on construction plans for that section. Those plans also can be found on our website at and look for West Jefferson Gateway. The construction work on West Jefferson taking place right now is a NIPSCO project to install some gas lines before the Gateway project gets fully underway.