County HIghway Department buildingNew equipment for the County Highway Department was on the agenda for Superintendent Jason Peters meeting with the County Commissioners Monday.

Peters was looking for input from the commissioners on what equipment he should look at acquiring for the highway department.  He told them the leasing company is willing to defer payment until the chipper and distributor is paid off in 2022.

The three pieces Peters proposed was a front-end loader, a vac- truck and a brush-chopper-mower.  When commissioner Mike Burroughs asked his preference Peters said, “the brush chopping tractor has a lot higher service throughout the county.”  He also said the vac truck is very critical with all the fiber in the county right-of-way.

In the discussion Peters said he is unsure of which piece or pieces he could acquire without getting some prices although his plan is to not spend anymore than the current payment is.

When asked, the commissioners suggested getting pricing for all three pieces of equipment and report his findings to them at their next meeting on May 3rd.