Emergency Medical Service ambulanceDuring the County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday, Commission president Kevin Overmyer discussed an issue brought up at the Central Communications Meeting on April 14th.

The subject of the Argos Fire Territory was brought up which led into another discussion.  Overmyer said, “A lot of our EMS services in this county are suffering a little bit with personnel, training and the expense.”  He continued, “It’s tough to find volunteers.”

Overmyer brought up the idea of a county-wide EMS service.  Both Starke and Pulaski counties are doing countywide service.  He said this is just in the discussion phase but said a meeting is planned for May 13th at 7 p.m. in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.  Representatives from the townships, town council members, city council members, the mayor, and EMS directors have been invited to attend.

Sheriff Matt Hassel said they are getting good response about the meeting but pointed out that it is only a discussion.   He said, “It’s worth exploring to see if we all put our heads together and make something work officially and effectively.”