Town of Bourbon NewsThe Town of Bourbon will be getting an economic boost from the American Rescue Plan. Bourbon council president Ward Byers said they needed to draft an ordinance and establish a separate fund in order to receive the funds. The council approved establishing both. The Town of Bourbon will receive $338,000 payable with half expected to arrive in May of this year and the second will come in May of 2022.

The council will need to create a plan of spending and be able to justify the use of the fund for economic development. Eligible uses include responding to public health emergency; responding to workers performing essential work; recovery of revenue losses; investments in sewer, water or broadband and the transfer to not-for-profit or special purpose unit of state or local government.  The fund must be used by December 31, 2024.

During the Bourbon meeting Tuesday evening it was noted that one of the internet companies using the town’s water tower has placed a lock prohibiting access by the town’s utilities. The council voted to send a letter asking that the lock be removed within ten. If no action is taken, the town will cut off the lock.

The Matchett Center is getting an outside facelift. The council approved the removal of two evergreen trees on the west side of the building. Additionally, the plastic edging will be replaced at $8 a foot for 380 feet.

A bid for the Hummer and trailer used by the Police Department for many years was award to Kathy Rader for $10,900. A second for $5,200 by the Lakewood Conservation Club. The club is a 501 C3 and was asking for consideration as a nonprofit. The advertisement concerning the vehicle had been listed at a $10,00 minimum, so the council felt like they need to follow the stipulation listed.

Carol Anders Correspondent