County News # 1During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioner meeting, president Kevin Overmyer said the county will receive $8,971,000 from the federal government.

The funds will be disbursed in two rounds, the first half next month and the second half in 2022.  The county is required to create a new fund-line so every dollar spent can be tracked.

Overmyer said there will be regulations on what the money can be spent on but so far it says infrastructure.  He said uses could be extending broadband or fiber in the county or maybe working with the water task force to get rural subdivisions on municipal sewer systems.  All expenditures must be appropriated by the County Council.

Although the federal government is still working on guidelines, Commissioner Overmyer suggested a joint meeting with the County Council to discuss the funds the county will be receiving and start working on a priority list of projects.   It will be important for the County Commissioners and Council to work together to think strategically and develop a long-term plan for use of the money.

The county will have through the end of 2024 to spend their allocation.

The joint meeting will follow Monday’s County Council meeting in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.  A representative from Baker Tilly will be on hand to explain the details they currently know on spending the funds.  The county is inviting the municipalities in the county to attend the meeting because they too will also be receiving American Rescue Plan funds and will need to follow all the guidelines.