school-board-meeting1The Plymouth School Board unanimously approved a resolution during their April 6th meeting.

Superintendent Andy Hartley indicated that several areas schools had met together to share information about upcoming state legislation discussion primarily concerning public school funding.

Below is the resolution approved:

“RESOLUTION 2021- 4 Resolution Opposing Education Savings Accounts and Voucher Expansion WHEREAS, the Indiana General Assembly during its 2021 legislative session is considering bills that establish Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) and expand vouchers.

WHEREAS, the costs of Education Savings Accounts and school vouchers are covered exclusively by our state’s school tuition support fund, further providing fewer public dollars to fund our public schools and increase teacher salaries.

WHEREAS, the Board understands the Indiana General Assembly’s desire to fund all students’ K-12 education regardless of the type of school, the Board believes the Indiana General Assembly should not enact Education Savings Accounts, or expand vouchers and should continue to promote and fully invest in Indiana’s public schools.

More specifically, to further the public good, public funds should be invested in improving the schools designed to serve all children and to aid in improving Indiana public school teachers’ salaries as recommended by the Governor’s Teacher Compensation Commission in its report of December 14, 2020.
WHEREAS, the Board believes that public schools provide a strong educational environment for all of Indiana’s children and Education Savings Accounts, if enacted, and expanded school vouchers, would put this environment at risk by directing resources away from those schools.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved, the school board of the Plymouth Community School Corporation opposes the passage and signing of any bill expanding vouchers and/or creating Education Savings Accounts. Approved this 6th day of April, 2021.”

It was noted during the meeting that 90 percent of Indiana’s students attend public schools.