Jack Jordan state RepHoosiers working to pay down their student loans can receive free financial help to tackle their debt, according to State Rep. Jack Jordan (R-Bremen).

Jordan said borrowers can work one-on-one with an INvestED counselor during a “Student Loan Checkup” to analyze the types of loans a borrower has along with the interest rates, monthly payments, and repayment length and terms. During this checkup, Hoosiers can seek advice and use INvestED’s savings calculator to determine the best course of action.

“Student debt can be overwhelming and keep borrowers from achieving financial freedom,” Jordan said. “INvestED is dedicated to advising anyone struggling or wanting to pay down their loans quicker and their advice is based on your individual circumstances.”

According to Jordan, meeting with professionals provides Hoosiers opportunities to receive recommendations, including refinancing for a lower monthly payment, consolidating federal loans or paying off a loan sooner. INvestED is an Indiana nonprofit offering free, confidential and exclusive advice to Indiana residents on avoiding and reducing student loan debt.

Hoosiers can seek advice anytime through INvestED’s helpline at 317-715-9015, emailing outreach@investedindiana.org or accessing the online chat function at investedindiana.org. To learn more about scheduling a checkup appointment with INvestED, visit Investedindiana.org.