RIVER Park Square Vandalism_1 3-24-21Plymouth Park Department Superintendent, Mike Hite is asking residents of Marshall County to keep their eyes open while visiting Centennial Park or River Park Square.  In recent days both parks have been vandalized.

River Park Square Vandalism_2 3-24-21Sometime over the weekend unknown subjects threw a rock through one of the restroom windows at River Square Park costing the park approximately $300 to fix.

River Park Square Vandalism_3 3-24-21Also, sometime during Monday evening vandals sprayed graffiti on the rails and decking of the Historic Footbridge.  Park employees were able to remove some of the graffiti by sanding or painting over it. Hite said, “This is time and money that could be utilized elsewhere in the park system.”

Citizens are asked to call the Plymouth Park Department at 936-2876 or the Plymouth Police Department at 936-2126 if you see vandalism taking place.