Argos Fire Protection TerritoryThe Green Township Advisory board will conduct a public hearing today, March 25, at 7:00 P.M. in the Argos Town Hall.  The public hearing is to consider a proposed ordinance, resolution, and interlocal agreement for the establishment of the Argos Fire Protection Territory beginning with taxes payable in 2022.

At the March 4th joint public hearing held by Green and Walnut Townships with the Town of Argos, the vote of the Green Township Advisory Board was inconclusive with no majority for joining or for declining adoption of the proposed Argos Fire Territory.

The purpose of this meeting is for Green Township to reconvene and have a conclusive vote to either adopt or decline the Argos Fire Territory. If enacted, the proposed ordinance, resolutions, and interlocal agreement will establish the Argos Fire Protection Territory between the Town of Argos (Provider Unit), Green Township and Walnut Township (Participating Units) and will provide for a uniform tax rate within the territory.

Persons seeking additional information may contact Ms. Lisa Mullaney, Argos Clerk-Treasurer, at (574) 892-5717, Mrs. Marie Fishburn, Green Township Trustee at (574) 935-5545 and Mr. Stephen Wilhelm, Walnut Township Trustee, at (574) 892-5500. Pursuant to present limitations on gatherings due to the State’s Public Health Emergency related to COVID-19 some or all of the meeting may be conducted electronically, and public attendance may be strictly limited.

Please contact the above listed representatives to learn how to electronically view and participate in these meetings. Submit written comments to,, or