Culver Little Town on Lake MaxinkuckeeTuesday evening the Culver Town Council approved an offer for a new Town Manager.  The position was vacated at the end of January when Jonathon Leist resigned after 6 years to accept a job for the City of Fort Wayne as Deputy Director of Redevelopment.

Mitch Ripley president of HR Unlimited Resources from Indianapolis said there was a council member who submitted an application.  After a discussion with the committee, it was decided to conduct an interview of the candidate.   From the interview process a proposal letter was approved Tuesday night by the Culver Town Council.

Ginny Munroe was the applicant, and the offer letter has a starting date of or around May 3.   If she accepts the offer, she will receive an annual salary of $86,999.90; three weeks of vacation in 2021 and thereafter; personal days, sick days and bereavement leave in accordance with the Town of Culver Personnel Policy Manual.   She will also be able to participate in the Indiana Public Retirement Systems.

Ginny Munroe has until March 25th to either accept or reject the town’s offer and return her decision to the Clerk-Treasurer.