Argos Fire Protection TerritoryOn Friday, March 19th the Green Township Board held a Republican Caucus to fill the vacant third seat. Anna Barlow who was not in attendance Friday was chosen out of three candidates during the Republican Caucus. The other two candidates running for the seat were Chancey Joe Dennie and Shawnda Wenino.

The lead topic of discussion between the candidates was the status of the proposed Argos Fire Territory. There will be a meeting on Thursday, March 25th at 7 P.M. at the Argos Town Hall located at 201 West Walnut Street.

During the third meeting, there was a 1-1 tie when Green Township voted. Since it had to be unanimously approved between Green, Walnut, and the Town of Argos, the establishment of the fire territory failed.

Since the vacant seat on the Green Township Board is now filled the vote this Thursday will decide the fate of the Argos Fire Territory.

Courtesy of Jim Master and our news partners at The Pilot News.